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You Are Not Alone – A Guide to Breast Cancer

About the book

You Are Not Alone – A Guide to Breast Cancer is a unique book for all women that are dealing with this serious disease, and for their loved ones. The book was written in collaboration with leading Czech experts and guides a woman though the disease from a suspicion of a tumour until her return to normal life after successful treatment. It also touches topics as pregnancy after the disease, intimacy after mastectomy or metastatic phase of cancer. On the pages of the book, women from “Bellis – Young Women with Breast Cancer” share their advice on how to cope with the disease, how to talk about it with people around and how to deal with the mental or financial pitfalls that come along. A lot of times they talk openly and with wit about a topic that is often avoided by the healthy part of the public.

The book is an important message pointing out prevention and at the same time breaking down myths that surround this disease.

Breast cancer is a very challenging disease, not only physically but also psychologically and often time-wise. Especially if it storms up life of a young woman that wants to start a family or is already a mom of young children. How to tell at work you are sick? How to explain to kids they don’t have to be scared of your bald head? What examinations can your doctor prescribe? Or how to come back to your active life after chemotherapy and radiotherapy? This is just a taste of what women have to go through during this (often) aggressive disease.
Too little relevant information and the lack of personal experience from other patients were the triggers to write this book for the manager of the project “Bellis – Young Women with Breast Cancer”, Nikola Pazderová. “When I got sick 9 years ago, there were minimum information about breast cancer from the patient’s perspective. There were no organizations in Czechia focusing on young patients as I was, 23 years old at that time. I didn’t want any other woman to have so little information when dealing with this disease. I am glad that other patients and many experts become enthusiastic about the idea of this book”, says Nikola.

The book was in the making for over a year. Women that are going through or had already gone through the treatment successfully wrote their advice and knowledge. The professional guarantors of the book are oncopsychologist doc. PhDr. Dr. phil. Laura Janáčková, CSc. and MUDr. Miroslava Skovajsová, Ph.D., mammologist and founder of mamma centers network. Other experts that collaborated on creating of the book are oncologists prof. MUDr. Petra Tesařová, CSc., MD, Ph.D. (General Teaching Hospital (VFN) in Prague) and MUDr. Petra Pokorná (Teaching Hospital Motol (FN Motol) in Prague), MUDr. Běla Malinová from radiotherapy department in FN Motol and plastic surgeon doc. MUDr. Ondřej Měšťák, PhD. (Teaching Hospital Bulovka (FN Bulovka) in Prague, Esthé Clinique).
Readers will find expert information as well as personal experience of patients and their loved ones (partners, family, friends), useful references and also 8 specific stories of women that have gone through this disease successfully. Their mission is not only to share their experience but also to encourage those that are standing at the starting line of the treatment. To show that nowadays breast cancer is very well treatable if detected early through self-examination.

Book price

Two free books for new patients from every copy purchased

The book is available through Bellis project. It is for free for each newly diagnosed patient or woman in the active phase of breast cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, or biological treatment).

For a symbolic price of 200 CZK, patients with breast cancer undergoing hormonal therapy or after the whole treatment cycle can purchase the book.

Full price 400 CZK is for all other customers. The money from these purchases will finance two free copies for new patients.

Book distribution

To order the book, contact us at Personal pick-up is possible in Prague 3 and 2, in Příbram, Pardubice, Hradec Králové and later in other towns that will be updated here. Books will also be available in certain hospital libraries, oncological centers, mammalogical centers and other places. The book can be sent anywhere in Czech Republic for additional shipping fee of 50 CZK.

We would love for you to order the book directly through our e-mail. This way you will support the purchase of free books for newly diagnosed patients with the whole amount.

The book can also be ordered at Grada publisher e-shop for 299 CZK or in their bookstores.

For more information or book purchase you can also call the AVON Healthy Breasts Line toll-free at +420 800 546 546 every weekday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

By ordering the book via e-mail or through the AVON Healthy Breasts Line, you agree with the processing of personal data for the purpose of distribution or sale of the book.